Thursday, February 10, 2011

Godiva Gems

Chances are, "chocolate" isn't the first thing you think of when Walgreens comes to mind... unless, of course, you're me. As I discovered in college, when I lived in close proximity to a Walgreens for four years, the pharmacy has a pretty baller chocolate selection. Godiva, Lindt, Ghirardelli... it's all there - and there's a lot of variety within those brands, too. The only thing Walgreens lacks is organic chocolate, but the average person walking into the store probably isn't looking for organic chocolate anyway.

Earlier this week I was at Walgreens for the sole purpose of getting some chocolate, and I saw that the store was having a sale on Godiva Gems: two bags for $6.

Okay, I'll be honest. This isn't much of a sale. I can get two bars of Ghirardelli or Lindt for less than $6. But it was a sale, so of course I had to partake in it.

First, I sank my teeth into the dark chocolate truffles. Although they are good, they lack the creaminess that other truffles (especially Lindt truffles) have on the inside. The chocolate shell of the truffle was absolutely exquisite, but the actual truffle part I found to be a little too grainy for my taste buds; that is to say, I felt like I could taste tiny bits of sugar in the truffle. I wish the inside was a just a tiny bit smoother. But if you're looking for some dark chocolate truffles that are smaller in size than the Lindt ones, you should definitely check these out. The relatively small size was a plus for me, since they pack quite a punch.

Approximate size of the truffles. These strawberry ones weren't sold at my local Walgreens :(

Even before I'd finished the dark chocolate truffles, I was filled with the urge to try the other kind I purchased:

I expected the caramel filling to be somewhat gooey, similar to how the Ghirardelli caramel squares are. Wrong! The caramel inside was not exactly hard per se, but it was much firmer than expected. And I loved it that way! The solid caramel with dark chocolate shell was heaven to my tastebuds. I think I ate about three of these gems in under five minutes. The aforementioned Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramel squares is one of my favorite chocolate products ever, but these gems give them a run for their money.

Godiva Dark Chocolate Truffle Gems: 3.5/5
Godiva Dark Chocolate Caramel Gems: 5/5


  1. Are they still half off at walgreens? Was your purchase this week?

    JJ's the godiva gem in my life! ;)

  2. The caramel squares sound like poppers. Once you pop, you can't stop - and you have a pile of wrappers that makes you loath yourself.

    Wait, why am I the godiva gem?

  3. Just cause.

    I wanna buy the carmels... now!