Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In which Hannah attempts to try as many different chocolates as possible.

I decided to start this blog because I like chocolate. Actually, that's not true. I love chocolate. And somewhere along the way, my love for chocolate turned into something of an obsession, and then an addiction. I grew up, as many kids do, eating chocolate. But I never paid much attention to the quality of different kinds of chocolate until I hit college and started branching out in my culinary interests. The problem, of course, is that once I began trying different brands and flavors of chocolate bars, I became unable to stop. These days, every time I'm at a store--whether it's Target, Whole Foods, or a local market--I try to buy a kind of chocolate I've never tasted before.

It recently occurred to me, however, that after trying so many different kinds, I've forgotten which ones I've tried, and, more importantly, which ones I liked and disliked. Hence, the creation of this blog.

My goal is to try a different kind of chocolate bar each week, meditate on it, and then review it here. I want to do this partly so I can keep track of what I find delicious or disgusting, and partly so that others out there who have a similar love for chocolate can get ideas for what to try.

Of course, I'm not without my biases. I love dark chocolate, hate white chocolate, and only try milk chocolate on special occasions. I also hate nuts (that's what she said). But I'm willing to put all that aside for the sake of this blog. Who knows, maybe I'll come to find that milk chocolate isn't too bad, or that nuts and chocolate can actually be a good combination.

Anyway, enough about this blog. On to the chocolate!