Sunday, October 10, 2010

OMG. I have followers!

People are following this blog, so I figured I'd do my first review. Actually... I haven't tried any new chocolate in a while. >.> So I have to go back about a month to my last foray into the chocolate world: the Wonka Exeptionals Domed Dark Chocolate.

My bag didn't say anything about a golden ticket...

I should point out here that I usually stay away from big-name chocolate brands like Hershey's and Wonka because, frankly, the quality just can't compete with more refined chocolates (Ghirardelli, Lindt, etc.). In my opinion, chocolate companies like Wonka sacrifice quality for cheap prices, so their chocolates end up being of a lesser quality and taste.

So what brought me to try these chocolates? As it may be, fate intervened in the form of my grandmother, who loves to try any new candy product (especially if it's Hershey's or Wonka... obviously, we have very different tastes in chocolate). Unfortunately, she bought a bag of these without realizing that they were dark chocolate, which she dislikes. So after trying one or three, she bequeathed the bag to me.

As soon as I bit into my first square, I had flashbacks to another (much better) chocolate bar that I had tried quite some time ago: the Ghirardelli Luxe Milk Duet.

A much better product.

Both products center around a combination of milk and dark chocolate; in the case of the Wonka, a circle of milk chocolate is encased by dark chocolate to form a square. The duet, on the other hand, places a thin layer of milk chocolate over another thin layer of dark chocolate. The Ghirardelli Duet is the superior product for two reasons: first, the quality of chocolate is better; and second, because the Duet squares are much thinner than the Duet squares. Thus, when I bite into a Duet, my mouth is filled with a perfectly rich, creamy, milk and dark chocolate combo. Unfortunately, with the Wonka, a bite of the same size just gives me the impression of dark chocolate with a hint of milk. In this case, less is more; perhaps the Wonka would have a much better taste if the squares weren't so thick, which would even out the milk and dark taste in each bite.

Of course, Wonka isn't catering to chocolate aficionados such as myself. If you enjoy Wonka products, or don't really care about the quality of chocolate and want something cheap, you'll probably love the Wonka. I took the bag to work and within 24 hours my coworkers had helped me devour every single piece.

Wonka Domed Dark Chocolate rating: 3/5
Ghirardelli Duet rating: 5/5 (note: these aren't listed on the Ghirardelli website anymore, which makes me think they're not being sold anymore. Alas!)


  1. Tomorrow, breakroom, you and me, two squares of "60% cocoa why is this in french?" ghirardelli dark to test taste our buds up to high heaven. Party on!

  2. We sold the Ghirardelli Duet squares at Liquor Barn (Springhurst) for awhile until recently, might wanna check there to see if they still have them.

    (PS: *TACKLE*)

  3. I've always been very disappointed by Wonka Chocolate, I really love, LOVE LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, like my favorite book as a child, I even read the sequel! I always am hoping it'll be good but always sucks! Other Wonka products are great though like nerds!

    Have you tried Asher's Chocolates? I really like them and was able to try them a few months ago cuz I won a prize pack from this Made in America products blog. Here is link.

    You are supposedly able to get a free chocolate sample from Ginnero but I haven't gotten mine yet.

  4. @Lucky's Luna

    I haven't heard of either of those companies... but I signed up for the Ginnero free chocolate sample! Can't wait for it to arrive :D