Saturday, April 2, 2011

Extraordinarily belated Valentine's post

I made a point of hitting up Target the day after Valentine's to check out their Valentine's Day chocolate stash, which was discounted. After passing up the usual suspects - Hershey's, Dove, etc. - I chanced upon some boxes of Choxie.

I decided to try this box of "dessert cups," which are essentially large truffles. And although they sounded amazing, the box was surprisingly deceptive:

Because when you open it (by pulling a tab at the top, which causes the front to slide down), you get four chocolates.

Needless to say, I felt a little robbed. I kept poking around the other parts of the box, hoping that there were an extra four chocolates hidden somewhere. Had I spent full price, it would have cost me $4.99. That's $1 per chocolate!

The box contained the following: dark chocolate espresso (top right), milk chocolate butter toffee (bottom right), milk chocolate hazelnut (bottom left), and dark chocolate orange flavored (top left). The espresso and orange were fairly good, but the toffee was my favorite. It had flecks of what I presumed to be toffee on the top that added a slight crunch to it, which I greatly enjoyed. The hazelnut was my last favorite owing to the fact that the hazelnut flavor was, at least to me, a little overwhelming.

The truth is, I would have enjoyed these much more if the cups weren't so damn large, because the quality of the chocolate wasn't exactly Lindt or Ghirardelli-quality. Choxie, I am disappoint!

Choxie Dessert Cups: 3.5/5

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  1. lol. You are disappoint! I would be too. I would have probably given the box to Abby to have her see if there was anything more inside. Choxie does get points for making chocolate look chic (if that's how you spell it)!
    When I first read your post I thought you were going to describe little chocolate cups that you fill with mousse (is that spelled wrong too?) or some other dessert item. It'd be like eating double dessert. I think you should make a chocolate sculture and take a picture of it for your blog!